About Guithele

For Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas, Inspir, LLC and The GRN Show represent a labor of love and the manifestation of a forgotten dream. Prior to leaving New York more than three decades ago, one of her lifelong goals was to host a television show to inspire individuals, unite the community, provide information, and help people learn to be their best, physically, economically, socially, and spiritually. While working at a Fortune 500 Company’s Public Affairs Department, she witnessed volunteers, philanthropists and others do just that. As a corporate responsibility professional for a retailer, she traveled to different states to help recognize store managers and employees for their community service within their respective geographical areas. She noted, “I saw the positive impact individuals were having in their communities and ways they uplifted others. Each trip left me inspired and I felt that if others saw what these individuals were doing, they too would be motivated to make a difference.”

Information is power. When Guithele moved to South Florida, she read the papers, watched local news on television and listened to Haitian radio to keep up with what has happening during a heavy migration of people from Haiti and the Caribbean. She observed that 90% of the radio shows were broadcast in Kreyol, with little programming about the acculturations of the new groups of residents, available resources and everyday people making a difference in the Diaspora. It seemed like the Haitian Community operated in isolation and the need to bridge the different cultures in south Florida was evident. What was missing was a vehicle to bridge the different cultures and highlight how important issues affected the community at large, not just ethnic groups. If an issue affects one segment of the population, it impacts us all.

Her vision came to fruition with the birth of the GRN Show with Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas in November of 2020. The topics vary and include expert guests to discuss the environment, healthy cooking, mental health, gun violence prevention, healthcare equity, fashion, education, immigration, and a host of topics to positively impact the viewers’ day to day lives.
According to one of her viewers Joel L, “To Guithele and the GRN Show Family thank you. The information provided to address the redistricting process and its importance to ensure all communities are represented politically, demystified this complex issue for me. The information was timely and on target! ” During a recent fund-raising variety show to benefit victims of the 2021 Haiti earthquake, featuring numerous entertainers from Haiti and other Caribbean islands, he indicated that he had goose bumps watching the show. Not only for the first-class entertainment, but the same evening she was able to raise much needed funds to help some of the small businesses and people in Haiti get back on their feet.

The viewership continues to grow by thousands and people are watching from wherever they are.
Viewers can access her show on their telephones, tablets, laptops, smart televisions and certainly can be seen throughout the globe. They can tune in to the shows on Saturdays at 6:30 p.m. ((Eastern Time) on ROKU Television, https://ariesvisions.tv/live-stream or YouTube Channel for previously recorded shows.
Sponsorship packages are available for those who wish to reach the Caribbean and Haitian Diaspora. Questions and inquiries can be directed via our website.